Fall Colors

I know it’s hard to believe..but we do have fall in Florida.016cs

It was really pretty on parts of the St Johns River.


It’s nothing like you see in the NE…but the colors are pretty against all the green.

An Anhinga with trash around it’s beak


Our friends, Debbie and George, have a beautiful pond. Many ducks call it home. Many more wild ones come in daily to feed. Blue Herons and Anhingas also frequent it.

This Anhinga showed up and has stayed a few days. They realized there was a problem. I took some pictures this afternoon, so we could get a look at what is on it’s beak.


It almost looks like rags or something with knots in it.014cs

The bird was quite a distance away and the pictures aren't very good.

They contacted someone who knows how to handle a situation like this. They will try to net it when it gets a bit weaker. They don’t want to chase it away, it might not get any help then.


For some reason it cant get it off it’s beak and that means it can’t eat. I will let you know how they make out getting it free.

This is one of the reasons we carry nippers and bags for trash when we are out in our dingy. We once saw an Anhinga with fishing line trailing behind, as it flew past, and decided  we’d  start gathering all the fishing line that is left in the bushes etc. We have to take our dog ashore each evening and morning…while out..we cruise the waters edge looking for “stuff”.

Check out the “Pick it up” button on the right….just click on it.  This is why you’ll find it on all my blogs.

Red Dragonfly

I need some help on this one. I’m not sure what kind it is.069cs

A very pretty reddish brown.074cs

It didn’t seem afraid. I was able to row right up to it.082cs

It was a bit more reddish than the pictures show. There looks to be a dark line down the top of the body.084cs

It was about the size of a Meadowhawk, so possibly a Cardinal Meadowhawk?  Not a real bright red though, more of a deep reddish orange. Pretty…whatever it is.