During our last trip on the boat..on the St Johns River, FL, we had to tie up to the city dock in Palatka, Fl to make engine repairs. Our alternator had quit and Jim was going to replace it with a new one.

We didn’t realize the shrimp were running and how busy the dock would be at night with folks trying to catch as many as they could. It was a lot of fun.

Everyone was using cast nets and their catch was dumped on the dock…shrimp went into a pail and small fish tossed back into the water.

The next morning the Herons flew in. 003cs

The were all over the dock looking for fish or shrimp that may have been missed.005cs

They were so beautiful against the sunrise.010cs

There were several squabbles over the choicest pieces found..008cs

Even though they chased each other off…they kept coming back…..007cs

Our engine problem turned out to have a good side ….we spent the evening with a nice bunch of “Shrimpers” and watched the start of a Bass Tournament this morning ..and then the Herons flew in. There is always good in most everything….if you just look for it.  Of course, I wasn’t the one leaning over a hot engine trying to figure out what was wrong….so Jim may not completely agree with me.