Gators on this trip

We spotted these two on Blue Creek, just off the St Johns River, FL. I found it intriguing since the small gator is resting his head on  a large turtle. Someday it will be on the gator’s menu…


The turtle didn’t like us getting so close and  decided to leave.



A few days later we spotted this one on the river bank. It was fairly large. I would guess at least 9 or 10 ft.


But the biggest treat was to spot this huge gator at one of our favorite anchorages.


It has a very broad back,  a very large head and a lot of “gator tail”.  One of the specialties on the menus around here. So I’m not going to mention where we spotted it.


Just as I switched from photos to video it headed into the water and I missed the action.

Is it grinning at me?

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  1. Wow! This is a large gator post. Thanks for posting these.