Barred Owl

On our last trip up the St Johns River, we stopped at Hontoon Island and docked for the night. They have a nice museum and a video you should definitely watch if you are in the area. They have campsites and cabins for rent.

We took a short walk up the trail …039cs towards the Indian Shell Mounds and spotted this Barred Owl.


It was quite content to sit there for a few pictures..


I had my small poodle with me…she’s about the size of a small rabbit. Perhaps that was the attraction and kept it in the area. I can’t tell if it’s licking it’s chops or not.


I was surprised at how large the Barred Owl is, and that it has brown eyes where most other owls eyes are yellow.


  1. Nicely captured Carol. I was surprised to check that Barred is bigger than a Barn Owl. FAB

  2. Wonderful shot of the barred owl! And I bet it would eat your poodle in a minute if given the chance!

  3. Charming owl there and... nice photo :-).