Manatee “twin” update

When I took this photo of a female Manatee and her “twins”…. 033cs

we were thrilled….thinking we had found something rarely seen, so I sent the photos on to Georgia Zern
Manatee Protection Program Manager
Marine Mammal Stranding Team Manager
Estuarine Restoration Program Manager
Volusia County Environmental Management

They were put into their data base. Luckily I had 3 photos…which is a requirement.

She forwarded them to Ranger Hartley of Blue Springs. This is his response to her….she, in turn, forwarded it to me: 

“The mother is H. Granger; her calf is to her left.  The calf on the right is
Kee (female).  I can make out the R brand on Kee's shoulders.  Kee was
adopted by Della at Lowery Park Zoo while Della was recovering from a boat
strike.  Della, Pal (her calf while in captivity) and Kee were released this
summer at Palatka.  Della and Pal came in on 29 Nov.  So did H. Granger and
calf.  Kee was first seen with Park and calf on 2 Dec. Kee left Park and went
over to nurse on Cheryl (with calf), Cheryl was in on 18 Nov.  Since arrival
Kee has nursed on several different mothers.”   032cs

Note the “prop” scars and look for them on the next Manatee you see….perhaps it will be H Granger….it will be like seeing an old friend.


  1. Very cool. Didn't even think about this as a possibility with animals. Duh.

  2. How wonderful for you to be able to get this information on the manatees. They obviously are tracking them quite extensively. It's fascinating that Kee is being taken care of by all the manatee moms. Thanks for the update.

  3. Excellent to be able to see manatee... They are quite endangered I heard!! Nice to be able to see twins!!

  4. Wow! What luck to be able to see such rare animals !

  5. Greetings from Pennsylvania!

    I just happen to come across your Blog. You've got some great Images of Wildlife on that River in Florida. Allot of what you have down there does not exist up here at all. The Manatee's must be fascinating to observe. The only way I get to see such a creature is when we make a trip to Florida and Disney World. I've seen them, but it's not the same thing as observing them in their natural habitat. They are such a gentle creature. It's a shame that some of them get hurt by propellers from boats. I would imagine that they are hard to see in the water.

    Have a great time down there in sunny Florida.

  6. Wow is the right word. I wish I had of seen this. Diane

  7. LOVE the manatee twin photo. I have had manatee my day as well. :-) Thank you for stopping by my blog, Carol. :-)