Osprey on the St Johns River FL

I was finally able to get an Osprey in flight. It is looking straight down into the river for a fish. He dove on it shortly after I snapped this photo.6.12.09 018cs

A few miles up the river, we spotted this Osprey with a big catfish.6.9.09 006cs

I love the look on his face in this one. We were cruising by slowly and that made him take notice of us.6.9.09 012cs

Looks like it will be eating well for awhile. 6.9.09 008cs2

The Osprey is a large bird, with a wingspan of almost 6 feet. It builds a very large nest. This Osprey looks like it’s doing a muscle flex. It’s actually in the process of grooming and ruffling it’s feathers. The tree itself, is beautiful.6.11.09 046cs

They build their nests near rivers and lakes. The main diet is fish and it is something to see them dive into the water and come out with one. They carry them facing forward to be more streamlined while flying.


  1. Hi, Carol: Thanks for leaving the comment on my Eco site about geocaching. I've looked at both of your blogs and enjoyed them thoroughly. I'm of mixed emotions about geocaching, as you could probably tell from my posts. I thought the story that Wayne and Julie's daughter, the scout leader sent, was very inviting - now if grownups could just act as responsibly as kids! It appears that you live in the perfect spot to get some wonderful wildlife adventures. (My other blog is back up after a week of technical issues, so take a look if you get a chance. We like the same things - critters!)


  2. What photos you have of the Osprey! Lovely indeed. You are so right about the catnip, we have some planted but not near the garden--thank you for your tip--I'll plant some first thing in the morning! Our male cat has been very successful in hunting voles in the field lately... good for the garden, plus it's an influx year for voles. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Very nice osprey shots! That is one huge catfish!

  4. Wonderful shots and nice post.