Sun Rise on Lake George, FL

In March the river was low, which meant Lake George would be low. We were going to see if we could get into Silver Glen Springs. The boat draws about 3ft. We dropped the anchor and took the dingy in and checked depth over the bar. While we were in the dingy I took a few pictures of the boat in the distance.3.11 to 3.12.09 029cs

I liked the silhouette  of the palm fronds back lighted by the sunrise, so I was moving around trying to line them up with the boat. I got this by accident. I was snapping away and didn’t even realize the camera had focused on the palm leaf with the spider.3.11 to 3.12.09 031cs

The sunrise was a fireball.

3.11 to 3.12.09 047cs

I was pleased to see a line of birds fly across. Even more pleased when I saw they showed up in the photo. I am learning “by guess and by golly”.


  1. Superb sunset shot, especially with the birds in the picture.

  2. Very nice photos! The first shot of the boat is gorgeous. I love it when surprises like that spider show up when you look at your photos on the computer. I swear by the "by guess and by golly" method myself. That said, I keep watching for a good photography class that will work for me. Maybe then I will have less guess and more "By golly!"

  3. Beautiful scenery! Keep shooting!

  4. A fellow-Floridian...yayy!! The pictures are beautiful. Isn't it neat taking those sunset photos right into the sun? I never know what I'll get when I try it, but the results have been great... you're inspiring me to get out more with my camera and have some more "shootouts" :)