River Otter

We spent an afternoon and night at Silver Glen Springs. It’s on the W side of Lake George, St Johns River, FL. Beautiful crystal clear water that is 72 deg year around. In the summer when it is in the 90’s it feels awfully cold, but last winter when the air temp was 28 deg and there was ice on the boat from the mist…it was like bathwater!

I use the inflatable dingy to take our small poodle ashore. It was just before dark and the otters were out having fun. They don’t mind the boats until they realize that they are being watched. As I drifted with the current, I was able to get a few photos.

I saw a lot of splashing and thought they were just playing. One came out of the water and ran to shore with a fish. On second thought, perhaps they were chasing the fish into the shallows where they could trap them. It gave the fish to a small Otter and headed back into the water.

6.11.09 028cs 

The next morning I was up early and out in the dingy, again with camera in hand, while Jim was making coffee. I spotted another one having breakfast.

 6.11.09 019cs6.11.09 020cs

A few minutes later the troop showed up and did their “come follow me” routine.

6.10.09a 004cs

Does this guy look like he’s enjoying himself? He’s chomping on something.6.10.09a 003cs

Watch closely in this video and you can see the two young ones running along the shore.

Can’t wait to go back and spend more time with them.


  1. What fun to watch these little guys! Nice photos and video of them.

  2. That was so much fun, than you!
    I watched otters while in Canada a couple of years ago. They are wonderful animals. Your photographs are great.

  3. Fabelous photo's of the otter. My brother had a rescued otter, he became so tame, it was a joy to watch him in the water.

  4. Great series of pics. In particular, the first otter shot is spectacular.